The Goddesses

Elly grew up helping her mother cook and bake for catered kenduris and pre-ordered kuihs for Hari Rayas. Although a wild child, her mother insisted that she learned how to cook and was very much hands-on. She brought her experience and expertise to her American household. After a decade of being in the States, Elly still cooks Malay dishes for her Mat Salleh husband and children on a daily basis. She doesn’t know how to make western dishes

Noraini, Nor for short, grew up partially in Singapore and helped her grandparents at their restaurant in Malaysia during school holidays. Although she was in the kitchen to observe, she was never as hands-on as Elly. Nor also a wild child resisted spending any time in the kitchen with her own mom. After almost three decades in California, Nor has finally succumbed to learning cooking Malay dishes. Unlike Elly, Nor cooks Mat Salleh dishes for her Mat Salleh family.


2 thoughts on “The Goddesses

    1. Both Elly & I are both Singaporean Malays, so its only natural that we are inclined to cook Malay dishes, our comfort foods.

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